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A - Satays

Our Satays are ONE Skewer of tasty chicken, prawns or meat marinated and finished off on the grill. Great for a quick snack or as part of a meal

C - Pittas & Wraps

Choose your filling and size, have it in a wrap or pitta served with fresh salad and mayonnaise

D - Piri Piri

Four great Piri Piri dishes with your choice of Piri Piri flavouring.

E - Burgers

Five great burgers available as a single or double. Add a topping of your choice. Served in a bun with salad and mayonnaise

F - Grilled Platters

Our grilled platters are perfect for anyone with a hearty appetite

G - Sides

Choose from a selection of 8 tasty sides to accompany your meal

H - Special Offers

We have great offers for you to choose from, perfect for when you have a few mouths to feed

I - Dips

A selection of tasty dips to accompany your meal and add a new dimension to our flavours

J - Drinks

Choose from a selection of drinks including smoothies and soft drinks

Welcome to Roosters Southamption - Please note a minimum purchase of £20 applies on all orders. Thank you.